How to Reborn/Reset your character?


There is a requirement in order to reborn your character. We’ll explain everything about the reset on the below:

If this is your first time to do a reborn/reset your character, here is the requirements:

Requirements: at least Level 140 and above can do a reset
Payment: 1,000,000 ALZ (must placed on character inventory)
Reward: 1 ecoin(s) per reset

If you are Level 140 and above, you can do a reset anytime. Just log off or Select Character

After log off or Select Character, Go to our main website: and login your account.

Go to Hero Panel and Select your Character

Press the Go button if you are ready to reborn/reset your character. There will be a confirmation message on the left of your screen if the reborn/reset is successfully.

After reborn, you may use the Stat Adder to fill up your stats again + the bonus stat per reborn.