Cabal Story


‘He was there’

He is from what he is, and from where he comes from. Whether it is a living thing or a machine, if it is not me, I can not even know whether it is a being that does not even exist.

His purpose was to create a “more complete” world, to select the ‘race’ that would be the state’s lord, and to repeat the act of destroying after observing and evaluating the development of civilization. Contributing to the development of civilization is to support the absolute race of Absolute Soul Core by making it possible for the race to achieve complete civilization .

However, this Absolute Soul Core is like a double-edged sword, so if it is wrong to use it, it will be destroyed by itself, or it will intervene to retrieve the Absolute Soul Core and purify the civilization. 
‘He’ has a strong obsession with his purpose, so if he does not get the desired state, he may intentionally destroy the power of Absolute Soul Core and ruin it. According to scholars, the great destruction of Honorable Age also happened because the owners of Absolute Soulcore ran aground.

‘Absolute Soul Core’ (ASC)

It is said that it is the power and the force itself that can actually be exercised . 
It is also a tremendous knowledge and a record of the development and destruction of many civilizations in the past . Absolute Soul Core requires special qualification to use . The ability to use depends on the level of qualification.

There is a rating for each piece of information that is recorded, and 
there is no indication that details are available. Most of the Absolute Soul Core to the current ‘just ruler’ presence has been acknowledged as was the ‘devil’ directly imported for destruction. This means that if you fail to use it, you will pay a huge price.

There is evidence that the body and ego will collapse if they try to use unqualified people because they can not overcome enormous repulsion . The ruler must be part of the power that is subordinate to the Absolute soul core.

This Absolute soul core is what it looks like, if there is an entity, it is not known by anyone who obtains ASC, and according to one theory, it is absorbed in the genes of the qualified person.

” The Honorable Age”

Studies of force and core technology have been the most active, and the 
previous Lost Age is considered to be the most advanced civilization development to date, given that there are no records at all . 
The theory of unification is completed by a genius scientist named Faust, and 
he finds that all the energy results in a force called the fifth force, which 
can be used to develop human ability close to infinity. Since then, research on the 5th Force has caused a syndrome, and it has become frightening to understand and use it , from the youngest child to the old one with death in mind .

So, before the formal education institute emerged, one of the greatest talents with great ability began to appear. They soon escaped the social fence and government sanctions, and large and small conflicts and incidents occurred constantly. The confusion between those who have the power and those who do not have it, those who want to keep the existing rules and order, are getting bigger and bigger, and the governments in the end will have to set up special institutions 
and control information about science and technology including force .

The government, with its powerful military power, squashed unauthorized portrait powers indiscriminately and at the same time proceeded with a military purpose experiment on the 5th Force . Politicians were afraid of having this powerful force in someone other than their own , and these ideas naturally led to the study of military weapons for the purpose of human life . Various experiments were carried out with thorough surveillance and security, and people were angry that the government would block their eyes and ears and fill their greed. The public was sacrificed by indiscriminate experimentation , and people began to protest, claiming to ” quit the experiment at the moment” and “share information”.

It is only natural that Dr. Faust, who discovered the 5th Force, actively participated in the demonstration . Unlike his intentions, Dr. Faust felt strongly hostile to those seeking to monopolize his discoveries, spared all kinds of support, spoke treachery and aversion to the government that encouraged his research and took information. The government, using a portrait scientist to represent their will, once seemingly promised “to listen to people’s demands,” and at the same time tried to get rid of Dr. Faust by creating sin.

‘Died’ for later Dr. Faust than to “become a madman ‘, 

‘ he fled abroad, and so the rumor only be silent as no one had seen him, a young story of the genius scientist completed a unified field theory of age, 
buried in time, gradually forgotten, went. Since then, the government has 
actively encouraged the establishment of the Academy, a legitimate learning ground for portraits , and various academies have emerged in each country. 
For them, it was much easier to control by letting the public learn only what is permitted .

One day, however, the governments of every nation are questioned by those who call themselves ‘Prometheus’. The government that is monopolizing knowledge because it is blinded by greed will release all information and free people, and will stop all the military experiments that are going on for the purpose of destruction. And when the government ignored it, there was really terrorism.

The Academy of Perennial Science and the academy of pro-government-oriented languages ​​have been destroyed. Confident that the academy, which is dissatisfied with the government, will be in the background, governments have launched a ‘terrorist alliance’ and started massive academy crackdowns and bloodshed. With the terror of Prometheus, the government and the people continued to fight, and even the discovery of ‘a child was used to test a human body to make military weapons ‘, eventually leading to a massive 
bloodshed. The destruction occurred on the night of the weary of the victorious and loser wars .

‘Great destruction, and St. Valentine’

Major destruction was carried out over 7 days. According to tradition, things that have never been seen in the world have ceaselessly appeared in heaven and earth, destroying civilization and harming people, and at the same time, global natural disasters, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have occurred. Why did this happen, and by whom did this happen? Humans died without knowing anything. The unbelievable knowledge and flourishing cultural arts of Anniversary Age have disappeared, and the remaining goods and records have been buried deep in the cracked ground. Portrait powers could not use any strength, and people were killed in fear and frustrated with insignificant resistance.

All of these processes were known by the ‘Seven Sages’ who caused people after the great destruction . 7 The sage is from the Academy of Saint Valentine’s Day , and St. Lanho is the post-Valentine’s post. St. Valentine emerged at the time of the Academy’s death, establishing a small academy, and accepting people of all abilities, regardless of their origin, to become a portrait superstar. Seven disciples who showed the most outstanding achievement of his disciples led people after his death after Saint Valentine’s Day, and they soon became known as the Seven Sages.

Saint Valentine said that the great destruction of the day was brought about by the existence of the ‘devil’ . He used the name of the common devil, which is intuitively acceptable to the general public , but he also said that he was the king of destruction and the king of creation . He will not stop destruction until the world is completely gone , and Saint Valentine decided to seal the devil at his own expense. It is said that at the moment of the Ma’ang Seal there were two disciples beside Saint Valentine’s Day , but they are not known if they are one of the seven wise men.

At the sacrifice of St. Valentine, the world was saved on the eve of its annihilation, and the survivors migrate to the land of a lost- time civilization , a land of forgotten civilization, and a new civilization , following the seven wise men of civilization. The Nebales also call the ancestors who created Nebales of the day in the name of “Nebales Frontier” in all the hard conditions .

‘ Those who have left the way ‘

When Saint Valentine sealed the devil and took his life, he warned him. 
It was a prophecy that the devil would be resurrected when his power was done 1,000 years later , and in 
the tower of the Sage who perceived that the time of prophecy was approaching, he would establish a special management colony on each continent under the leadership of Sirius the Great . Special management colony has been established on each continent famous for its harsh climatic conditions, and a talented officer and instructorhave been dispatched.

And the warriors who are interested in practicing the force gathered. In preparation for the warning, the Sagittarius Tower began to take out the children of various Anniversary Age, which had been prohibited from accessing the past, and encouraged the former Nebales to train their bodies and minds. We could not be sure whether the devil was really there, whether it would be back in time, then we would be in great destruction as in the case of Honorable Age, but at this time the information about the Force and its training is over than ever. I did not want to miss it. A volcanic eruption takes place in the long-abandoned island of Exilian Island ,and Sirian Sage orders it to build a special management colony also here.

And Sage Sauce concealed as soon as Fort Fox, the fourth special management colony on the island of  Exilian, was erected. As time passed, most of the public, including the Tower, thought he was dead, and when he was looking for Sirius, the next sage, the story began with the disappearance of people across the continent . Living in the Desert Scream special management colony of Juan continent Captain Mark is called as the ‘I’ ‘star, who was waiting for the Warriors’ run-paint the way I moved away along the the fate